Tejana Historias 

Indigenous Indentations & Transfrontera Transformations 

Tejana Historias: Indigenous Indentations & Transfrontera Transformations is a visual repository, which disrupts the prevailing historiographies and periodizations that flatten our comprehension of Tejanas and their narratives. Along with the burgeoning arena of Tejana Studies shaping this educational website, we are also indebted to the paradigms and methods from intersectional feminisms, queer theory, critical race theory, and digital humanities in shaping its content. 

Students, learners, and educators of all levels are invited to explore the materials but it is written for high school students who are eleventh graders and above. Individuals will have the opportunity to learn about such key figures and organizations as Angelina, Jovita Idar, Sara Estela Ramírez, Andrea and Teresa Villarreal, Emma Tenayuca, Carolina Malpica de Munguía, Rosie Castro, Irma Rangel, Emma Pérez, Gloria Anzaldúa, María Jiménez, and Selena as well as organizations such as the Partido Liberal Mexicano (PLM), La Liga Femenil Mexicanista, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Communist Party, Pan-American Round Table of San Antonio, MAYO, and La Raza Unida Party, to name a few. They additionally will have the chance to study the experiences of ordinary Tejanas who are (and were) Indigenous, Spanish-Mexicans, (me)Xicanas, Chicanas, Xicanindias, Mestizas, and Afromexicanas through the lens of la vida cotidiana.

Overall, Tejana Historias will delve into seven timelines, which are “Indigeneity y Tierra Natal,” “Conquest and Colonization,” “Migrations and Translocations within Modernity,” “Empowering Communities in Juan Crow,” “Revolutions and Radical Transformations,” “Queering Tejaztlán,” and “Reconquista” to investigate the infinite ways Tejanas resist, collectivize, revolt, and emancipate themselves and their plural communities.

Last, Tejanas Historias Instagram and Tejana Historias Facebook are intended to be places to review, experiment, and consider the many persons, organizations, artistry, and moments that are the Tejana experience as we build this repository with intention.